Hey baby, I've got the new computer home now. It's all terribly modern. Almost up to date. Especially since I've that Windows XP on it. As loathe as I am to say it, having good reason to be a tad disgruntled at them over the years -I'm very pleased with it so far! It's what they should have given us all those years ago. I've not had any serious crashes and the whole thing is very stable. I've been able to work for long periods of time without a blue screen, a black screen -a scary alert box -or anything.


One thing though. I'm not flying through the air to a Madonna song. They promise that in the adverts. I want to be flying through the air -dammit.

All I need now is a scanner and I'm all set.

Oh well back to playing Grim Fandango.

Oh and Happy Birthday to me. Spent all alone at home -well with a bottle of wine for company. Oh hum.