If the cap doesn't fit

but that's alright - because it will free up more housing for the people who can't afford to buy any more ... er... hang on.

US dream a myth! The price Americans pay for growing inequality

US dream a myth! The price Americans pay for growing inequality - The Economic Times:

The UK tediously follows whatever the US does - and we don't even have the masses as well brainwashed as the majority of American people are.

God it's depressing.

Two strikes and you're out

Two strikes and you're out: Jobseekers who fail to turn up to interviews or drop out of work programmes will be forced to carry out unpaid work | Mail Online:

Golly. We must be living in the middle of a boom - with factories opening everywhere clamouring for workers - shops on the high streets opening up every day desperately needing staff - houses, schools, etc. being built on every corner of spare land needing builders and plumbers and electricians - roads being built - infrastructure being repaired - yup. Everything must be going so well we even have to get terminally ill cancer patients being put to work for the last weeks of their lives in case we fall behind.

Or else we're in the middle of a double-dip recession - and the economy is being handled so badly and so many taxes going uncollected [Vodaphone has just been let off paying a few billion - AGAIN] - and we're so busy handing over billions to help keep the Euro afloat for a few more months - that we've decided somehow the unemployed are to be blamed for being unemployed and must be punished for it.

The trouble is there are only a few times you can kick a dog before it will turn on you. And this Govt. is kicking the poor and disadvantaged so often they're storing up so much resentment - they're going to get a real shock when the pack turns on them and rips their throats out. What will they have to lose? Their unpaid jobs? Their benefits? The choice is becoming whether to starve to death on the streets or get put in prison...

[Oh and as usual there are some bizarre comments by the Daily Mail readers on this...

"why should I go to work every day for the feckless to swan around in a nice new car, have a holiday, buy the latest gadget when I can't afford to, and I am the one going to work 40+ hours a week."

-writes someone who obviously has no idea.]