Nightmare Britain

and this has been happening for a while now and any public outrage about it? - there came none...

Blogspot vs the rest...

I'd blog more - or at least copy/back up things I've posted on FaceBook and Tumblr and Google+ here if only Blogger automatically made nice links with picture thumbnails like all those other places do.  Blogger hasn't moved on much in yours now... Odd considering all the other attempts Google have made to try and do something new (all of them failed) in the world of social media.

This Week - yet another Tory shill gets a platform.

Was watching 'This Week' and being incensed by the vile Julia Hartley-Brewers effectively blaming the under-paid people who have to claim tax credits for er... being poor and having to claim tax credits. According to her it's a simple 'life style choice'. So it's nothing to do with businesses taking the piss by not paying their workers a decent enough wage so they don't have to claim benefits, nothing to do with people not being given the chance to take a full time job because, again businesses are finding it easier and a lot cheaper to take on two or three part timers rather than the one full time employee. Which has also been a crafty ruse of the government in keeping unemployment figures down, if it wasn't for the massive increase in zero hour contracts and part time jobs we'd more than likely have unemployment levels running at something like three or even four million. Julia Hartley-Brewers is your typical 'blame the victim' right-wing shill.
Worse - the token lefty Margret Hodge did nothing to shoot her down, instead she was practically agreeing with her. With people like her in opposition who needs door mats?

New google chrome now with audio out socket.

Woo-hoo which might make it a little bit more useful.

Battery life.

I could do with one of these now - to replace the dying battery in my Nexus 4.

World's first hydrogen-powered battery will charge your iPhone for 7 DAYS.

camera lust

Tech Radar
Lytro review  Got one at long last.

New Olympus pen E-P5  So pretty.

Poor Microsoft

- they still don't get it - that nobody likes those bloody horrible tiles.

Wired: Microsoft Thinks the Smartphone Is Over. It’s Wrong.

The Smallest SLR Of All Time

Asahi Pentax Auto 110 Film Camera Review.

I really wanted one of these back in the day.

Vivian Maier

"The photographs reveal teeming streets, children at play in an alley, couples captured in a sleepy embrace, the intricate latticework of an elevated train platform, a drunk smeared in filth.
The arresting, artfully framed scenes from the streets and byways of New York, Chicago and beyond seem alive with movement. And for years, they were probably seen by no-one but the solitary Chicago nanny and amateur photographer who shot them.
But now, two years after her death in a nursing home, Vivian Maier is finally being recognised for her talent after a lifetime of obscurity."

I hope there's more to come

sketchy kev

sketchy kev by groc
sketchy kev, a photo by groc on Flickr.

pink shirt press releases

Papers mindlessly reprint Press releases - shocker

Daily mail:
The power of pink: Men who wear shirts of that colour earn £1,000 a year more than those who don’t 

Daily Express:

No doubt there will be other papers covering the same reports findings.

Now why do I have a sneaking suspicion someone in some company somewhere* has an overstock of pink shirts they need to offload? Oh yes... that'll be because I've read 'Propaganda' by Edward Bernays where's there's a whole chapter on who he made velvet a popular fashion choice.

[*Stephanie Thiers-Ratcliffe, International Marketing Manager for Cotton USA - who commissioned the report.]