William Gibson Hates Futurists

"How terrorism works in the broadest sense really is the inversion of the psychology of the lottery. The paradigms of asymmetrical warfare are such that one of the defining and unchanging characteristics of the terrorist is that he has very, very little in the way of stuff to work with. He can't really do much. He can kill a few people. He can knock down a few buildings in New York. But if he does it in a terroristically effective way, and if the society he does it to responds in what to the terrorist is the optimal way, everybody in society feels threatened. In spite of the fact that the odds of any given individual being done in by a terrorist's bomb are about the same odds of that individual winning the lottery.

"Terrorism is a con game. It doesn't always work. It depends on the society you are playing it on. It certainly has worked with the United States."

William Gibson Hates Futurists

Sister Sister

Ah-ah! It was driving me crazy – I knew I'd definitely seen the actress who played the sinister Sister Helen in the 'Eye of the Gorgon' story of the 'Sarah Jane adventures' somewhere before. Thanks to teh internets I now know – she's Beth Goddard and she played 'Suze' out of “Gimme Gimme Gimme”. Wowzer.

[Incidentally I notice the IMDB hasn't got this listed on her screen credits yet. Lame-o!]

RIAA Hits a Sour Note

RIAA Hits a Sour Note With Its File-Sharing Witch Hunt

The RIAA, faced with plummeting CD sales and increasingly restive artists, wanted to "send a message" to all the lowlifes out there who download music for free and undercut their profit margins.

The message, apparently, is this: "We're idiots."

Photoshop = Pop Art

Photoshop = Pop Art - Time Capsules - Douglas Coupland - Opinion - Blog - - New York Times Blog

How to Not Feel Poor

Oh for f**ks sake. How lame is this advice? - 'How not to feel poor' - just carry a 100 dollar bill around with you that you know you're never going to spend. Er... if you can afford to carry a hundred dollar bill around just so not to feel poor - then ipso facto you're not exactly poor are you? Hey. If you can afford a car and to run - then you're *not* poor!


Sontarans back for Doctor Who. Which I instantly realised when I was watching the Sarah Jane Adventures and noticed how they got a name check.