Good Enough To Eat: TEAC MP-600 Media Player is Thin and Crisp - Gizmodo

Scrummy gadget.

Good Enough To Eat: TEAC MP-600 Media Player is Thin and Crisp - Gizmodo

BBC 4's Comics Britannia.

What? - no mention whatsoever of what was my favourite comic - the Sparky or one of my favourite artists John Geering who did Puss 'n' Boots. Well not yet anyway. But it always irks me that the Beano and the Dandy get all the coverage - when they weren't that good - with the exception of Leo Baxendale's work. Someone who was so under-appreciated by D C Thomson that he eventually left to help start up new comics for other publishers.

Interview with Torchwood's John Barrowman

As a sidenote: for some strange reason my DVD recorder flatly refuses to record anything with John Barrowman being interviewed. It's bizarre but every time the disk fails. I guess I should start using my VCR next time as a back up.

Interview with "Torchwood"'s John Barrowman |

Assignment: Earth

I watched the Gary Seven episode again on the Sci-fi channel again today.

They made 'Andromeda' and 'Earth: Final Conflict' after Gene Roddenberry's death (as dodgy as they both were). Why doesn't someone reboot/re-imagine Gary Seven? a sci-fi James Bond spy show set in the 60s would be totally awesome. He could cross paths with David Vincent maybe.

Actually looking at it again - just how James Bond was the character. The name 007 - Gary Seven. The gadgets. He even borrowed one of James Bond's villain's signatures -Doctor No's cat.

read yourself RAW - Alan Moore vs Brian Eno

read yourself RAW - Alan Moore vs Brian Eno

De La Warr Pavilion - a photoset on Flickr

De La Warr Pavilion - a photoset on Flickr

Why I Will Probably Never Buy Another Mac

This piece hits the nail on the head - it's all true. Firsthand I've waded through many a techy article's comments and seen how they denigrate into a increasingly shrill and hysterical PC vs Mac slagging match. Over and over again.

Why I Will Probably Never Buy Another Mac -

I remember one involving the infamous one button mouse. The pro 'arguments' ranged from 'having two buttons is confusing for new users' (then god knows how such a person would cope with a keyboard - with all it's buttons) to Mac software being 'so especially well written you didn't really need it' to 'there's nothing wrong with using the modifying key on the keyboard or clicking and holding' and when the subject of wheel mice and scrolling was introduced - it was suggested that all one had to do was buy and plug in an ordinary mouse and it would work... it wouldn't look as good of course. Not least because if any third party had made one to match the pretty Mac ones - Apple would've sued them for every last penny. A few short weeks later the 'mighty mouse' was introduced and the defensiveness over the one button mouse issue quietly went away - with no fanboy ever having to admit Apple had made a bit of a boo-boo sticking to their guns on that one.

And just before any Apple fan - starts weighing in... let me state I'd quite like to have a Mac Mini. I just need someone to buy me one. So buy me one.

The Fantastic Journey TV Show

I seem to remember this show from the dim and distant past. It's one of those I wish someone like the sci-fi channel would show again. All these hundreds of extra channels showing endless repeats and yet there's only a small handful of the same old shows they put on over and over again. They could do with digging a bit deeper into the archives. No doubt they're prevented by archane copyright and other laws. That and sheer laziness.

The Fantastic Journey

Our oceans are turning into plastic...are we?

Omigod. I think I've mentioned before how perpetually freaked I am by having to throw out plastic bottles - for which there are never any recycling facilities. But this is truly scary. We really are all going to hell in a handbasket. The human race is doomed and it looks like we're totally determined to take the rest of the planet with us.

Our oceans are turning into plastic...are we?

An Albatross' stomach contents.

Many US newspapers Won't Run Next Two 'Opus' Strips

Many Won't Run Next Two 'Opus' Strips With Islam Reference

Here's the first one.

Day of the Daleks

a photoset on Flickr