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Seriously: I’m starting to wonder just what are people paying their National Health Insurance for. Opticians have long been privatised (if you’re on state benefits you can only get a free eye test and a money off voucher for glasses). Most Dentists have been going the same way -opting to go into providing cosmetic surgery for their wealthier patients rather than doing boring fillings and extractions and essential whatnot for the plebeian masses. In fact I don’t know of a single friend who has an NHS dentist anymore, myself included. We’re been left with no choice but to just to let our teeth rot. Great. There was a BBC documentary on a few months back on how a few people are finding it lots cheaper to travel abroad (and that is with the price of the return flights and hotel stay taken into consideration) to find a dentist for various treatments than pay the prices their own UK dentists are charging!

And now here in Worthing there was a march protesting the proposed closure of the local Accident and Emergency hospital just to save money. Then I read of a similar protest march in Cornwall. There have been others in other parts of the country too. What the hell is going on?

Mmmm, by the by now who's bright idea was it to make individual Hospitals responsible for their own budgets? It wasn’t Thatcher was it?
Throwing stones

from Charlie's Diary:
Dr Ruth Kelly, the Communities Secretary (new touchy-feely cabinet ministerial post) has just called for the closure of Islamic schools that promote isolationism or extremism.

She said the government had to 'stamp out' Muslim schools which were trying to change British society to fit Islamic values.

'They should be shut down,' she said. 'Different institutions are open to abuse and where we find abuse we have got to stamp it out and prevent that happening.'

Yes, indeed, she's quite right.

And while she's on the subject, perhaps she'd like to enhance her credibility by doing something about the overwhelmingly Christian fundamentalist faith schools that have been springing up like toadstools under the Blair government (42% of the City Academies trumpeted by Kelly and Blair are avowedly Christian Fundamentalist institutions which in some cases teach creationist nonsense in biology classes) and that two thirdsof the UK's population are opposed to?"

The Pleasure Principle

The Pleasure Principle.
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Seattle is currently undergoing a lot of Gary Numan stencilling - I consider this -awesome.