No proper updates for a while I know. My creaking computer is just so painful to use for any length of time I couldn't face the grief to be honest. Not that there's much to report. I've a ever-growing stack of photographs to stick up at some point. I'm rather taken by the fact I live next to a park area which has an enclosed kids park and the place is home to a tribe of wild rabbits. I saw they had baby bunnies the other day. At this time of year? Beach bunnies! I wonder if they go surfing in the summer? Living on icecream and wear cool shades.

But soon I should be getting a decent computer -either the boyfriends going to be buying a new one for himself and will past on his old one to me, (the one we had so much trouble with -with the new motherboard and soundcard problems motto: never, ever place any trust whatsoever in computer repair shops) or buy me a new cheapish one outright. But I was griping about needing a cd-writer and at least 128 ram to run photoshop decently. Because let's face it -a lot of the cheaper computers on the market today are just glorified e-mail/web browsing, games machines. (Oh god, do I really want the bf's old computer after all the grief it's given me? It's going to take so much work to get it working properly. That painful reformatting and reinstalling windows and all the programs from scratch. Whimper.)

My other project is to start training seagulls as club bouncers - they're so thuggish I'm sure they'd make good bouncers.
Well at long last I finally have my old computer with me in Worthing. It took me another two days to track down what I had done with my external modem. It was in a box somewhere. Then another afternoon putting it all together and getting it to work. But oh god, the whole computer is so creakingly slow -it is unbearable to use. It's literally giving me headaches it's so bad. Then it has it's own mad way of doing things such as if I boot up with the modem in -Windows claims I haven't a mouse connected to the computer. I've had the thing open checking it was connected properly. Which it is. The only solution seems to be to boot up and plug the modem in afterwards. Bizarre. The whole thing is in danger of being thrown out of the window. And to think I could have bought a fairly decent working 2nd hand one for £275 I saw at a computer fare in Hitchin at the weekend. Sigh. I don't seem to have much luck with computers overall. Actually no, I got on very well with my Amiga 600 HD -but it's been downhill ever since. I just have to concede my poor elderly joke of a computer just hasn't the memory, the speed or the hard disk space to run Windows properly. Let alone any actual programs. Whimper.

So here I am. My home. I'm a bit bored now, very lonely and sick to death of all this rain. If it wasn't for cable TV... I'd be in a very sorry state.