hello and here is the beginnings of the police state

Expect a u-turn in cuts in police funding any day now...

Police could use more extreme tactics on protesters, Sir Hugh Orde warns | UK news | The Guardian

Because 'we're all in it together' -of course we are...

think anyone in Govt. is listening?

It walks like double-dip, talks like double-dip, quacks like double-dip. What else are the latest figures on Britain's economic growth? The gamble recent governments have taken in bailing out banks instead of their customers to heal recession is looking ever more reckless. The VAT rise this month was foolish. The cuts in public spending, though vital to curb a public sector out of all control, seem ill-timed.

Our protection from banks? A pile of ordure called Merlin | Simon Jenkins

George Soros tells David Cameron: change direction or face recession
Mix of tax increases and spending cuts unsustainable.

Shock as UK economy shrank by 0.5% at end

Shock? Really? Didn't see it coming?
You mean the economists and the Tory Govt. got it a bit wrong?
Now there's renewed fears of a double-dip recession? What? After they were all poo-poohing that it couldn't happen, not now the deep austerity measures were here to save us all? Well golly-gosh.

Shock as UK economy shrank by 0.5% at end of 2010 | Business | guardian.co.uk

Big Freeze blamed as economy SHRINKS 0.5%, reviving fears of double dip recession Daily Mail.

Curb the banks?

No surprise there then.

Curb the banks? The government has propped them at every opportunity | George Monbiot

and this

The Andy Coulson affair raises the question – who runs Britain?

The deafening silence from political leaders reveals the grip Murdoch's empire has over the establishment.

Compare and contrast...

The US:

The GOP's war against the poor and sick
The new Republican plan to cut the deficit: Hit poverty-stricken Americans where it will hurt the most.


in The UK:

Pensioners to be a further £240 worse off due to benefit cuts and tax rises.


Two worlds

anyway - I was reading an month old Guardian yesterday - and was interested in this comment piece that revolved around the revelation that back in 1980 Harold Macmillan (a former old school 'one nation' Tory PM) had written Thatcher an eleven page long letter giving her advice not to go too far too fast and not be so divisive... I was on Google trying to find the original letter - I didn't find it but I did find the article I had read - and in it the writer was advising Cameron that he would do well to heed the same letter as good advice to himself - you know, being in charge of what is supposed to be a coalition Government and all...

But then I found the Daily Mail take on the letter which is basically a hymn to Thatcher - and thoroughly nauseating. Apparently according to them she single-handedly brought about a revolution that turned Britain around from the brink of disaster. Jeez. Talk about a revisionist rewriting of history. We'll just turn a blind eye to the cycles of boom and bust and recessions that kept happening as she and her minions kept dabbling with the economy... and which only ended when they had to abandon their Milton Friedman inspired plans because they weren't working, we'll ignore the mass unemployment, whole areas of the country that were laid to economic waste - and which still to this day haven't recovered. But I doubt if the Daily Mail journalists [I use the term loosely] ever travel outside of London - so they won't know about that. I'll bet the nearest a Mail journalist sees of that world is on TV in the form of dimly-remembered episodes of Brookside, and current episodes of Shameless, Coronation Street and old episodes of Rab E. Nesbitt.

I was going to have a mini-rant but this piece sums it up better than I could:
Supermac was right in 1980 and he's right today.

Andrew Lansley bankrolled by private healthcare provider

Andrew Lansley bankrolled by private healthcare provider - Telegraph.

The sleazy, own pocket-lining Tories are back again then. No surprise there.

the US and Human rights in China -ermmm

Chinese President Hu Jintao 'ignores' human rights question...

Mmmm not that I'm defending China, because it's always annoyed me how the West has been looking the other way over China's attitudes over the past few years, and all because the West likes cheap consumer goods - but it doesn't really behove American senators to bash China over human rights. I mean where were the complaints over Guantanamo bay? or the fact the US has the largest prison population on the planet thanks to their idiotic 'three strikes and you're out' policy, or Police tasering people for minor offences, (sometimes to death) and what about the treatment the TSA routinely now hands out to airline travellers? Hmmmm?

Nick Clegg plans to air differences within the coalition

Air differences?

I imagine it's a case of Cameron says "jump!" and Clegg giggles: "How high? This high? Is that too high? Not high enough?"

Nick Clegg plans to air differences within the coalition government | Politics | The Guardian

Banks given go-ahead to pay unlimited bonusesan

With not even a token gesture to pretend to curb their excesses? And erm... regarding RSB - don't we own that? So how come the Govt. is powerless to do anything? In the pre-election didn't both Clegg and Cameron go on and on saying saying bankers bonuses were excessive and totally unacceptable and that we should vote for them and they'll make sure it doesn't happen again?

Once the VAT increase and the scale of the cuts start to bite hard later this year I think we're looking at the beginnings of the people's revolt 2.0

Watch for the Coalition suddenly and sneakily deciding to reverse any cuts to police pay within the next few days...

Banks given go-ahead to pay unlimited bonuses | Politics | The Guardian

the idiot children of Thatcher

When the Telegraph - one of the Tory's favourite supporters is reporting valid fears that there is going to be a slow down in the economy (aka a double dip recession -just after a few months of strongly denying there could ever be such a thing) then... well, the chances are that - there's going to be exactly that. With a fragile - barely-limping-along not-really-a-recovery and then loading on an extra sneaky tax burden everyone will have to bear, well that clearly isn't the brightest idea in the world. (A suggestion: The Tories might think of getting some tax from their rich friends which might help out a lot more - but that's never going to happen, or getting the banks to pay back a good chunk of their bail out money - instead of giving it away in undeserved bonuses - would help but again, never going to happen...) what drives me mad about Tory voters - is that they think, because they're usually rich that Tory MPs are good with money. They're NOT. Most of them inherited wealth (or in the case of Thatcher - married wealth) I don't think any of them actually earnt their millions. So they have no real concept of how the real economy works and so pursue the most retarded ideas it's possible to dream up - fantasying and gambling that everything will turn out for the best. Just like Nu Labour did - and Thatcher's early experiments did before them...

2011: calling time on capitalism

If it isn't blindingly obvious the 30 year long experiment free market enterprise has been a massive failure - then what is it going to take to wake people up?
2011: calling time on capitalism | Richard Wolff | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk