Star maidens

star maidens 

I seem to remember this show - I might have caught one or two episodes. Feminism was all the rage back then - but this was the usual pretty weird version of feminism...

I vaguely remember on the planet they had 'Psychic premonition' news alerts.

This is the sort of thing I'd wish they'd show on one of the digital stations - rather than the tired old rota of things they show ad nausea.

Oh by the way - yes, that is Garth Thomas - Blake of 'Blake's 7' o the cover.
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Is it just me...

or are the current spate of T-Mobile TV commercials about as funny as toothache?

Dr. Horrible in 'My Little Pony' form

Dr. Horrible

Nu-labour's knee-jerk legisation

I mentioned before in another post about the tendency of our Govt. to rush through ill thought out knee-jerk legislation in response to ---whatever. (The last was plans to ban anyone owing any extreme pornography.) You can tell it's all simply to give the impression that they're doing something - anything. Here's another example. Did we say you can read that? | The Register

I mean, you would have thought that after the long years of IRA terrorist activity back in the 70s and early 80s (where mainland Britain was under threat under a regular basis - not like now where it's still very rare) that there would be more than enough anti-terrorist statues in the Law Books... but here - it looks like NuLabour is circling close to trying to bring in the whole notion of 'ThoughtCrime'.

[Incidentally back then Thatcher's Govt. touted the idea of ID cards and came to reject the idea.]

Did the U.S. Prep Georgia for War with Russia?

Oh for f'sake. Can't the US stop interfering in the affairs of other countries? They only ever make things worse.

Did the U.S. Prep Georgia for War with Russia? | Danger Room from

Censorship online: who needs evidence?

Won't someone please think of the children. Errr yes, let's have the whole of all media policed by the notion that all children must be protected by 'inappropriate content' all of the time. And as soon as they reach a certain age whereby they might be considered 'adult'... oh wait - if they're sufficiently well protected - then that's just never going to happen... meanwhile the rest of the already adult population will be infantilised - only allowed to see product that's only suitable for very young children...

Can you see the failings in this argument yet?

Oh wait --- Tanya Byron herself can...

"...what you'd need to do to really answer this question, is take a load of kids at a really young age, stick them in front of loads of inappropriate games that are for adults and older kids, and let them play them over a sustained period of time, and controlling all other lifestyle factors, then seeing what happens. That's ludicrous, it's unethical, it should never happen. The methodology that is needed you just couldn't do."

Sooooo... then we'll just imagine the most worse-st case scenario that we can and act according to that then...

Mmmmm. So a big 'FAIL' in grown-up proper logic and scientific methodology there then. Never mind - there are Daily Nail and Daily Telegraph readers to appease here. *groans*

Censorship online: who needs evidence? | spiked

On gas/fuel prices/heating

During the long long housing boom that's gripped this country these past few years, one of the home improvements fads has been in those older properties with lots of smaller rooms to knock down walls to make into single larger open plan rooms. Of course what people have forgotten is that people built small rooms in the first place because - in the days before central heating - they were easier to heat. Now what with gas prices suddenly going through the roof, making home heating silly expensive - I'm wondering if that continues for any length of time - that people will be putting those walls back up again.

Another thought - tediously and predictably every year we get advice to turn the thermostat on heating down a few degrees. Um. Now once you've done that once... you've done it. Or are these 'experts' expecting everyone to turn down the thermostat another degree or two year upon year - until eventually we're all using no heating whatsoever?

Something a friend said to me years ago has always haunted me - it was about us that live in the Northern hemisphere and she said - there are places where humans just weren't meant to be. It's all very well that we humans have had the intelligence to invent clothing and can build houses and ultimately cities - but it's been at the cost of massive pollution and determent to our planet's biosphere. Of course the answer to that is to get even smarter - but it's a moot point if the human race will manage to do that in time to avert even worse problems for ourselves further down the line.

Things we should have been doing all this time but haven't because it's been in too many big businesses interests (profits) not to...

Quick examples: All electricity stations generate tons and tons of heat and hot water - instead of pumping that out into the atmosphere - it could have gone to nearby housing estates and towns.

(It's the same sick mentality big corporations share that means supermarkets will throw out perfectly good food at the end of every day rather give it to charities or whatever. If they can't make a profit on something... they'll destroy it rather than let anyone else for it.)

There's been a lot of house building these past few years - but so many are still being built on out-dated old fashioned principles. IE they're still poorly insulated (why bother to build houses that are cheaper to heat - when the electricity and gas companies need to keep their huge profits year in year out?) - there's no thought given to things such as solar-panels, wind turbines etc. Nah. That's all mad eccentric stuff - won't be doing anything like that. Oh no.

what is it about Nu Labour

that whenever some unforeseen tragedy occurs - it feels the need to rush through some poorly thought out, knee-jerk legislation that will only end up making things worse for a lot more people than it helps.

Oh yeah - wait - since day one this Govt. has been doing everything to appease it's self in the eyes of the Telegraph, Mail, Sun readers...

BBC NEWS | Magazine | When does kinky porn become illegal?

How American Youth Will Screw Viacom

Mmmmm see a pattern here?

Big entertainment company starts losing the profits it seems to think it's entitled to by god-given right - suddenly goes onto to attack the internet and it's own customers through the courts. Pretty much doing anything it can to make it's self more and more unpopular and hated rather than knuckling down to facing the new challenges and opportunities to create new business models and new ways of earning income...

And TV still totally fails to understand people really want to watch the TV shows - not adverts. All commercials are a tax on people's time and attention - and no one likes paying taxes.

How American Youth Will Screw Viacom | Epicenter from