pink shirt press releases

Papers mindlessly reprint Press releases - shocker

Daily mail:
The power of pink: Men who wear shirts of that colour earn £1,000 a year more than those who don’t 

Daily Express:

No doubt there will be other papers covering the same reports findings.

Now why do I have a sneaking suspicion someone in some company somewhere* has an overstock of pink shirts they need to offload? Oh yes... that'll be because I've read 'Propaganda' by Edward Bernays where's there's a whole chapter on who he made velvet a popular fashion choice.

[*Stephanie Thiers-Ratcliffe, International Marketing Manager for Cotton USA - who commissioned the report.]

Housing benefit changes

BBC Wales on 'the Bedroom tax' [video]

A mother who has two children one boy aged 9 one girl 3 years old - but new rules state that because both children are under 10 - that they're supposed to move to a smaller property and the children to then share a bedroom. If they don't or simply can't because there's nowhere smaller to move to, or because they simply can't afford to move, then they get a cut in their housing benefit, and will have to make up the shortfall out of the rest of their already inadequate budget - just as fuel, food prices and everything else is skyrocketing.

Add that to the information that
The UK builds the smallest homes in Europe, according to the government's adviser on architecture. [BBC magazine from 2007]
'Shoebox homes' become the UK norm.
No room to cook dinner or seat guests? Welcome to 'rabbit hutch Britain
showing that these smaller properties are just not there to downsize into - we've a perfect storm looming on the horizon.

So the same way the Govt. is trying to force people into jobs that simply aren't there and punish them harshly when they're not getting those non-existent jobs - they're now about to make people move to non-existent smaller properties and then punish them when they can't. Already councils are housing people in Bed & Breakfast - at great expense to the taxpayer and inflicting misery on people forced to live there because there isn't enough suitable housing... and it's now only set to get a lot, lot worse.