There’s another deficit that David Cameron has to deal with - Telegraph

"In December, I disclosed the fear at a senior level of government that the reform of the Employment and Support Allowance (which replaced Incapacity Benefit and Income Support paid on incapacity grounds in 2008) might have terrible consequences. “It is quite possible,” one source said to me, “that there will be cases of suicide.” A report published by the Work and Pensions Select Committee last week was critical of the Work Capability Assessment introduced in 2008 and embraced by the Coalition. Overseen by Atos, a French private company, the new system has – as predicted – produced some very grim cases, including at least one death of a former claimant who was cleared for work. "

By the by there have been more suicides since and few people that have ended up homeless and on the streets now.

Yet there's not been a word of concern from any Tory MP that I know of.

Odd that.

There’s another deficit that David Cameron has to deal with - Telegraph

Apparently - there's a law against slavery - dintcha know

I was under the impression slavery was illegal anyway - but there's a new law in compliance with the European Human Rights act...

Here it is:

Except right up front it lays out some get-out clauses:

"Those exceptions are work done in the course of lawful detention, military service, emergencies or life threatening situations and work or service which forms part of normal civic obligations."

I'm guessing by "service which forms part of normal civic obligations" - they mean Workfare.

So there you have it - they practically admit Workfare is slavery but as it's 'part of normal civic obligations' - it's A-OK.

21st Century Feudal Britain here we come.