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Oh look you can see a lot of mac users being complete 'tards

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Happy Birthday Groc

Happy Birthday Groc !!!

Worrying stuff I've been reading today.

American Fascism is on the rise.

America Moves Toward War with Iran.

Reading about Timothy McVeigh
made me realise there's not much difference between him and any young fundamentalist Al-Qaeda supporting terrorist.

Then in England there's the completely surreal story of the woman who decides to wear the full veil - in order - I'm supposing that men can't look upon her and NOT have their carnal passions instantly inflamed or something like that... But who in wearing the veil gets everyone noticing her and inflames a few political passions.

I can't help but draw attention to the fact that she didn't wear the veil to her job interview. Funny that. It either shows a lack of real commitment to her faith on her part - or mmmmm, maybe just a leeeetle bit of hypocracy. I wouldn't be so cynical as to suggest there might've been the question of the potential of a rather large compensation payment to take into consideration either.

Nor would I suggest she now might like to take all that money and relocate to a country where that rather extreme manner of dress is seen as the norm and where as a result she would feel a lot more comfortable in her day to day life...

It's interesting how having the free choice to follow a strict dress code and the forced compulsion to do so --can make a world of difference.

Because as it happens in this country we don't even like our own natives wearing hoodies let alone anything that's purposely designed to cover the whole face...

Things that are wrong with Modern life:

number 1.

things that are wrong withh modern life- working 5 days a week.