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I haven't got a 3ds -yet, (I'm desperately poor at the moment so the price will have to come way down first) but when I do these links will be handy...

How To Put Non-3DS 3D Pictures On Your 3DS.

Adding thumbnails to Windows for MPO files

Fujifilm launches FinePix Real 3D W3 compact with 3D movies

Mmmm - Unemployment figures show a fall?


Maybe because the whole scale Atos reassessment of those on disability and incapacity benefits has only just started - that's going to add a few extra thousand to the jobless queues.

and maybe tricking people out of benefits has been more successful than the DWP would ever admit to?

Otherwise I haven't seen any signs of new businesses and factories opening and taking on extra staff...

I smell something fishy going on.

Big fall in industrial production

Really? But only three months or so ago they were saying Industry and exports were doing surprisingly well. Oh wait. That's because they were still operating on the schemes Gordon Brown had put in place to keep the economy ticking over after the crash... Now we're seeing what's happening after Osbourne put his plans into operation. Not looking so good is it? Surprise surprise.

But with the benefits reform and many more Incapacity Benefit claimants now being forced into looking for work - things will soon turn around... Oh wait, something wrong with this picture - there's not the jobs there... er, er. er... Oh well Emma Harrison will sort it all out. She's got a positive attitude, big smiles and a big red coat. That's what we've been missing all this time.

Big fall in industrial production.

CiF trolls: a taxonomy | Nonsuch

CiF trolls: a taxonomy | Nonsuch

(I'm sort of vaguely working on something - a collection of the worst of the Tory comments on cif. There's a good number of tedious clich├ęs such as:

"It's all Gordon Browns fault."

"The last 13 years have been the worst for the country -ever."

"How dare Polly Toynbee and the Guardian support the Lib Dems in the last election." (Like any one could predict how quickly they would sell out a and do 180 degree turn on nearly everything.)

This mini-project is taking me a while because it's kind of profoundly depressing to wade through so much vicious bile and flat out stupidity.

Tax the Super Rich now or face a revolution

Tax the Super Rich now or face a revolution Paul B. Farrell - MarketWatch

Emma Harrison creeps me out...

£1.4m-a-year welfare entrepreneur picked by Cameron to get Britons off benefits and into work

As Emma Harrison's company adds five new taxpayer-funded welfare contracts to its empire, unions attack 'obscene' public payouts

Today was the first time I'd ever heard of this woman - the smiley smiley smiley - ever optimistic, ever so slightly creepy, ever manically grinning Emma Harrison CBE... making her millions out of taxpayers money to run 'back to work'/work-for-welfare profit-making programmes for the unemployed.

Interview: Emma Harrison of A4e.

When A4E are not losing client's personal data - or being implicated in hiring ex-ministers for whatever reason... (absolutely nothing to do with him knowing how parliamentary procedures work so they can then make more successful bids for those very lucrative government contracts I'm sure. David Blunkett is a highly honourable man and would never abuse his position for personal gain.) It's just not in his nature.

Other links:
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Housing benefit changes - a disaster about to happen

The ‎1980s - the Tories take away the last of rent control laws - saying it will mean rents will fall. Instead they start shooting upwards. (Tories always get it wrong - because they can only think in simple terms - IE they aren't very bright. They also have a nasty mean streak to them.)

They then sold off council houses at knock down prices to renters and refuse to let councils build any new replacement houses with the income.

(A lot of the new home-owners start seeing themselves as middle-class now and start voting Tory. Wooo! Popular capitalism. The working class can own property and buy stocks and shares in the newly privatised utilities - electricity, gas, water, Telecom...)

The result of this is later down the line we have a dire 'affordable' housing shortage. D'uh. Shortages mean house prices start climbing. The start of the housing price bubble. Investors see the new 'buy to let' market - fed by the boom in cheap mortgages, and with no rent controls can get the renters to effectively pay off the mortgage and a bit of extra profit too. Rents sky rocket.

In case you haven't noticed, wages have been stagnating since the 1970s so more and more people have had to have top-ups in the form of Housing Benefit to pay these ever increasing rents.
(Stupid Labour Govt. should have seen this was unsustainabl and brought back rent controls - but at the time everything was booming and feeling good - so they rolled with it. BTW I consider Blair/Brown to be Tories too.)

This results in a massive Housing Benefit bill. Which the Tories are now tackling by cutting benefits and making poorer people move around the country in search of ever decreasing cheaper housing. This plainly is not going to work. Is going to needlessly disrupt many people's lives - fracture communities - put more pressure on already cash-strapped poorer councils as more people have to move to them, increase homelessness - and generally be a disaster all way round.

If only the Tories hadn't taken away rent controls and had let councils keep buying new houses...