Joss Whedon: Ripper BBC TV Film Coming

I was just wondering what had happened to the Ripper spin off the other week. I'd bought season 5 on dvd and was watching the specials and the episodes with commentary when I was reminded of it. Looks like it might be happening finally.

I do so miss the Buffy-verse.

Bits of News - Joss Whedon: Ripper BBC TV Film Coming

Mark Steel: Well, if the Romans built on flood plains...

The Government accepts that global warming is the likely cause, but seems incapable of doing anything to curb it. For example, one billion pounds is being removed from subsidies to the privatised train companies which sum will be made up in increased fares, which therefore must increase the use of cars.

Similarly, the private water companies were discouraged from building larger drains and sewage systems, because this would have increased water charges. And no one dare suggest decreased water or rail company profits. And the same profit-driven logic will apply to the building of new houses.

Mark Steel: Well, if the Romans built on flood plains...

President Winters

I've just re-watched 'The Sound of Drums' and I'm wondering if I'm the only one who's noticed the full name of the President being given as Arthur Conan Winters. I'm guessing that's a little nod to that more famous Arthur Conan - the Doyle one. Why's that? Well because the Master was invented as the Moriarty to the Doctor's Sherlock Holmes.


eyes see you

"Star Maidens" (1976)

Ah-ah. I vaguely remember seeing this back in the day. I seem to remember on the planet they had precognitive reports on TV - much like the weather report. Except that's about all I can remember. This is the sort of thing I wish they'd show in the afternoons or wee small hours on the sci-fi channel.

"Star Maidens" (1976)


So I'm sort of half watching this 'Profiler' show on the Sci Fi channel - and all I can think is - why are doing everything in the dark? Seriously - they're in offices - and everything is so dimly lit. How can they work? Where's the windows? They can't all be working late at night can they? Is there a power cut? Are they trying to save money on their electric bills? Why is everything so damn dark?

They did that a lot in the 90s. So many shows shot in near-darkness to add a spooky atmosphere. I remember watching some episodes of the X-files and not being able to follow what was supposed to be going on because everything was so dark. They must have saved a packet in special effects.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency


BBC - Press Office - Douglas Adams's Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency opens for business on Radio 4

Torchwood to air on BBC Two

Dear Torchwood creatives,

Please, please, please go easy on the crying this next series. M'kay? No more crying. No more tedious infighting. M'kay?

BBC - Press Office - Torchwood to air on BBC Two

Bluebird Nestbox #1, 2007 - a photoset on Flickr

Bluebird Nestbox #1, 2007 - a photoset on Flickr

Which Who are you?

I came out as the fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) which is fine by me.

So gutted that I forgot there was this Doctor Who weekend on - well, no, I was somehow expecting it was going to be on UK Gold - since they usually show the Doctor Who omnibuses when they can be bothered. S'annoying though - there were a few episodes I'd've enjoyed seeing again.

Which Who are you?

iPhone vs smart phone

"The Unfinished iPhone: iPhone vs. Windows Mobile".

(Not that I can afford either. But at the moment I really would like a Nokia N95. Which I also can't afford.)

Plastic Recycling

It's one of the things which I've been quietly freaking out about for years now - is empty plastic bottles. I hate having to just throw them away, and so many things come in plastic bottles these days -milk, drinks, shampoos, bath gels, etc. etc. Yet we're told that oil is starting to run out. Sooner or later there won't be any petroleum left to make any plastics from at all. What will the human race do then? Actually I'm sure we'll survive - we did well enough before plastics (wooden/metal mobile phones anyone?). But there's not enough companies out there recycling plastics. As far as i know what little plastic that does get recycled - is just shipped off to China to be made into linings for fleecey jackets and sold back to us in the West. Shouldn't more be done with it than that?

Falling Short

This is 'Natural Selection' at work.
Weird huh?

Falling Short


Promising new series.

Organic food 'better' for heart

Organic food 'better' for heart - which you would think would stand to common sense. But haven't there been other studies which haven't found any difference?

The real difference lies in the price - can I afford to buy organic? No.


Labour shortage hitting UK fruit

---And this is what wrong with capitalism.
(Well, one of the things at least.)

I don't where to start on dissecting what's wrong with this article. From the UK's hypocrisy over immigrant workers, to various issues over local food production and it's distribution, to supermarkets preferring to import Spanish strawberries over English... and so on and on...

We're so screwed up as a country now - I don't know if we'll ever be able to get out of this mess.

Labour shortage hitting UK fruit


It can't be good when you open a bottle of wine and think: "Oh - it smells like socks."

Aaah I had wondered

why there hadn't been any Tardisodes this year...

Basically - greedy phone companies. Some of them charging up to £2 to download a free tiny 30 second long movie clip.

Stingy AT&T spoiled the iPhone party

I kinda knew the US mobile phone network was a bit backward - but I didn't know it was this behind...

Stingy AT&T spoiled the iPhone party

...and how much is a contract with AT&T again?

iSheep lining up to be fleeced again. Who'd thunk it?

"Am I Buvvered?"

I dunno about this, me not being as in love with her as much as the rest of the UK is. She is a comedienne after all... and what with the programme occasionally dipping into the dark side this last season -won't that prove to be as distraction? (Maybe that's why they want Martha to come back for when that happens?) Oh, and I was really hoping for a male companion for a bit of a change...

I look forward to being totally proven wrong....

BBC - Doctor Who - News - Donna says "I do!"

heady McHead-head

heady McHead-head

The IT Crowd - UK Comedy Series

I've just read at the offical Channel 4 site there has been a second series made. But where is it? Have I missed it? They've been showing series One on the More 4 channel. Is that a lead in to them showing on Channel 4 later?

I love this show.

Incidentally the show's creator keeps himself one of those blog thingies

[update: After clicking a few 'older news' links - it looks like they've only just finished filming the 2nd series. So it should be on our screens soon. Yay!]

The IT Crowd - UK Comedy Series

US Government: Haven't Checked Your Safe Deposit Box In 3 Years? California May Have Seized Your Stuff

Omg - isn't that 'legalised' theft?

Government: Haven't Checked Your Safe Deposit Box In 3 Years? California May Have Seized Your Stuff - Consumerist

TEH INTERNETS - a photoset on Flickr

TEH INTERNETS - a photoset on Flickr: "TEH INTERNETS"

BB Lovers Split

Oh noes! Not the gorgeous Preston and the delightful Chantelle -divorcing. But theirs was true love and so genuine. You could tell. It must be down to the pressures of all that relentless fame. Those damn reporters never leaving them alone for a single minute.

But seriously - why is this news?

Why aren't people bored of these manufactured famous-for-being-famous "celebs" yet? Isn't the market already over-saturated with them?

Do they (the media) persist with it because that's every talentless little nobody's dream now?



Look To The Stars

Look To The Stars
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I used to have one of these doll... sorry, action figures as a kiddy. It was one of my favourites. He came with this great jet back pack thing. He got dangerous though - his arms had wire inside and that eventually broke through. Pokey sharp scratchy.

Mmmm - I'd like a replacement now. (I am sad.)

Mmmm DIY retro-y goodness