Can you tell I've been tweaking the layout around here a bit? The default was irritating me.

But what is it with 'Merikans and their colour sense? Just what *is* this weird, utterly foul insipid greeny-grey colour Zeldman has chosen for this layout? Where on Earth did he find that? and he's supposed to be some sort of design guru is he? Then there's the blogger post interface in as equally grim colours - that ugly dark blue - with orange -(mmm sort of vaguely OK) but then there's that sickly beige colour. Actually, it is the colour of bile. It's not nice. It's vile. It makes me feel queasy every time I write a post. So why can't we choose the colours we want for that?


Our Casita - a photoset on Flickr

a photoset of someone's home in New Mexico - it makes such a change from home decorating in the UK where we're currently obsessed with - beige, creams, and other bland - soul destroying 'neutral' colours. In the UK it's a middle-class taste thing - anything colourful is seen as working-class and vulgar. It's all nonsense of course.

Our Casita