Lord Mandy - Lord of internet snoopers

Take one completely unelected Labour MP – give him a life peerage – send him off for a lovely holiday on a yacht with someone who owns a big record company and let him listen to him bleat and moan and belly-ache about all the millions he imagines he'd be raking in if only it wasn't for that wretched internet thing...

and the end result proves to be the promise of a whole new copyright Tsar with new draconian powers that countries with less regard for human rights and freedom than we are purported to have – would be in jealous awe of.

Well done Mandy, well done. Your part in the upcoming battles between the out-moded entertainment industry and it's relentless campaign to criminalise and alienate all it's audience and customers is duly noted.

Mandelson seeks to amend copyright law in new crackdown on filesharing.

Boing Boing - BREAKING: Leaked UK government plan to create "Pirate Finder General" with power to appoint militias, create laws.

UK surveillance plan to go ahead

Er, funny isn't it - how the Government is all gung-oh on spying -sorry, monitoring the general population on the internets - and willing to throw tons of money hither and yon to do that... yet - what have then ever done to stem the flow of malware - spam -etc. You know - attack the real threats and irritations that exist on the internets... Oh wait - that's just too hard and difficult isn't it... Hummmmphf. Not impressed.

But hello, Big Brother - here we come.

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