Dream Homes

a photoset on Flickr

Modernist architecture in these parts (Sussex UK)
Gadget Lust.

the Nokia 770 - if the price were to come down I'd have one in a shot.
A set of Amiga links.

Amiga OS 4 happened. Pity there aren't any actual machines you can buy to run it on. D'oh.

AmigaOne and Amiga OS4 Developer Prerelease.

OS 4

The history - great site with a ton of info.

Intuition base.

Amiga world.


A shop for those bits 'n' bobs I might need one day.

AROS is a portable and free desktop operating system aiming at being compatible with AmigaOS 3.1, while improving on it in many areas.

Albino Blacksheep - Flash Files

We're doomed.

Why are we doomed? Simple. A bunch of stupid ass morons are in control of everything.

President Bush's chief climate adviser, James Connaughton, said he did not believe anyone could forecast a safe level and cutting greenhouse gas emissions could harm the world economy.

(I think he really means just the US economy.)

I think he'll find catastrophic climate change the likes of which that will make the recent tsunami in Asia and the flooding of New Orleans disasters look like a wet weekend will do a hell of a lot more harm to the world economy.

And in the UK - they sure talk purty about wanting to do the right thing - but talk is one thing - action is another.

Yup, we're doomed.

Modern life is rubbish - example one:

Why can't you pay attention anymore? | CNET News.com

Work in the information age is work that is never done. Databases can never get filled - more and more databases get created that need to be filled with ever more data, spreadsheets are never finished - there's always more and more ways for the figures to be altered and different scenerios presented. More importantly human beings hate, hate and hate having to think. Thinking time is invisible time and so bosses don't trust it. But if there's a spreadsheet to look at - or a powerpoint presentation... they're in hog heaven.

omigawd - there was a Christopher Lee Space 1999 action figure

that's pretty amazing.

(Mego Captain Zantor I Mego Space:1999 I Mego Palitoy)