Apple Newton vs Windows UMPC

Ten-year-old Apple Newton beats latest Windows UMPC Which is fine -so long as you don't want to watch movies, browse the web in colour, take or look at colour photos (some of the UMPC come with a built in camera) and other things I'll think of later.I'd still like a Newton though - but for novelty value. If I could pick one up for £50....

Round up the youthful suspects!

Memorex readies handheld iPod videoscreen | Reg Hardware

I don't get it. Why buy one of these things when surely you could buy an ordinary portable DVD player with aux inputs and use that - and have the opitical drive to boot.

Oh no, wait -I know exactly why - that maxim: "An iPod user and their money are soon parted.

Laurie - O Superman

I like Eva and Adele.

Article about them.


I like the squirrels.

I like photosets of them on flickr.
Adult Swim in the UK!
No wanking in the office