Dollhouse: Echoes

Where'd I seen elements of this episode before? Mmmmm? Oh yeah - Star Trek 'The Naked Time' and the Next Generation sequel 'The Naked Now' and that episode of Buffy 'Band Candy'.

But overall I'm happier with the show heading in this direction - as it seemed to turn a corner with the last episode 'the man on the street' - I was starting to find the whole 'new personality and a new mission a week' thing ala 'Joe 90' cum 'Mission Impossible' a bit wearing. Unfortunately I'm guessing there's a lot more of that to come though.

['Man on the Street' is the 'Dollhouse' episode to watch and the series creator explains why ]

Does ‘welfare reform’ work? No...

It didn't work under the Tories back in the 80s and 90s either - (and I've had first hand experience).

But what it does do is give the directors of these Private Companies (who are always cosy-cosy with those in power) - work - oh, and LOTS of tax payers money to play with. It's really another instance of corporate welfare. And the British voter seems to fall for it every time. But then as this sort of thing never gets so well covered in the press and TV news - whereas any story about 'dole scroungers' are always good for a headline or two. Not to mention the Govt. funded adverts for 'If, But' benefit cheats...

McNulty, hypocrisy and the Westminster bubble

One of those 'couldn't-have-put-it-better-myself' rants...

Liberal Conspiracy » McNulty, hypocrisy and the Westminster bubble

poor fred

Sir Fred Goodwin's home attacked.
Um? Why am I not surprised? and why isn't Fred forking out for his own security? It's not as if he's short of a bob or two.

but they all love a good database...

Link dumping for our Surveillance society and database mining...

ContactPoint’s failure is a symptom of a wider disease.
"Technology moves fast. Governments do not. Those in the know are not in the least surprised that ContactPoint has been halted. The Government’s databases are in a mess."

10 government databases ‘will break the law’

Information Commissioner Richard Thomas warns of surveillance culture

God knows where the Govt. gets it's almost religious faith in technology from - it's either that or a breathtaking gullibility. 'Oooooh magic boxes - oooooh."

Tony, Tony, Tony...

Tony Mcnulty

It's a grim time to be an employment minister with unemployment figures at two million. When Tony McNulty went on Newsnight, he appeared moved almost to tears by the plight of Tina Owen, who described how her life had been ruined by losing her job at Woolworth's. The Employment Minister admitted that he could never live on £60.50 a week. At the time he seemed honest and endearing. This man understood these people's pain.

Here's Tina and Tony...

and then there's the Dawn Butler fiasco.

[But then I remember all the sleaze that was around at the time of the John Major Govt.]

Long hours link to dementia risk

Mmmmm. Now who do I remember who famously worked really long hours and slept only four hours a night. And made out that anyone who didn't follow her example was a wimp, oh, and on retirement is nowadays suffering from dementia? Oh yeah... that would be Margaret Thatcher.

And who constantly fought against the European Parliament's attempts to limit working hours to a maximum of 48 hours a week because it might hurt Britain's competitiveness in world markets? Why - that would be Thatcher's number one fan Tony Blair.

And who also wants to keep the opt-out? Why... Shadow business secretary Alan Duncan.

Mmmmmm. SlaveLabour UK - it's on it's way.

BBC NEWS | Health | Long hours link to dementia risk