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is this for real?

Fucks Coat of Arms

Read more at Microsoft Blog: Apple, Microsoft and toast

It's really entertaining reading this blog entry two years later. It contains a quote where people are asking Steve Jobs about what's next for the iPod. Colour screen? Video? Oh no, says Mr Jobs -we're all about the music. You can have music as a background activity but video is just too distracting.

Then not so long after Lo, they trot out the new colour screen iPods that um - er - play video. (With rumours abounding of a bigger screened iPod - even more designed around video playback to come). Then oooh, the iTunes store lets you download TV shows, with films promised later. Um. Also in the comments someone mentions an iPod phone. That came and went - and no doubt will be back again in some form, a very expensive form, once they've done a few licencing deals. I dunno - all in all it makes Jobs look like a very shifty geezer to me.

Upodate: the motorola razr phone is being advertised as coming with iTunes.

If He's So Smart...

Cheap, disposable mobile phone coming

David Shrigley List Of Photographs

photos A lot of them are very funny.I like humour in art.


From seeing a few arty black and white grainy photos by Violentz on flickr -I was reminded of PixelVision movies.

Here's a few of the links I found.

Wikipedia entry.

PixelVision mod: DIY: output baseband video from PXL2k

Pixel page.

Here's some stuff about one of the PixelVisions most famous users:
Sadie Benning.

A sense of cinema essay

Behind the mask.

So I'm wondering now - with the advent of cheap digital cameras most of which now come with a built-in movie function, and Woolworths had a cheap digital movie cam being sold for £50, oh and of course phone cams - if we'll soon see quite a few people making their own little arty films with these devices? Especially with the internet and the growth of movie sites like google video - youtube - etc.

Or am I going to have to do it?

Wired News: Judging Apple Sweatshop Charge

uh-uh This doesn't look too good not after Apple were so quick to use civil rights activist types in it's advertising. (Dead people who never even saw a computer much less ever used one.)

Is your iPod one of the bad Apples? Apple's attitude seems to be no matter how much you paid for your iPod - it's designed to last only a year and then you're supposed to buy a new one.

toys - a photoset on Flickr


UK's Sci-fi channel is currently showing 'Strange' - which was originally made by the BBC back in 2003 or so. I'd never heard of it before now. But as it was abandoned after the only one series and unfairly derided as a British Buffy/X files knock-off -it's hardly surprising it slipped under my radar. I'm finding it entertaining and interesting enough. Maybe slightly more so since one of the directors -Joe Ahearne, has moved on to direct a few episodes of the new Doctor Who. Then as a further related coincidence -Tom Baker plays a mad monk character in the last two episodes. I'm loving Samatha Janus in it too, but I've always liked her -ever since her role in 'Game On'.

Yo Gabba Gabba Photos

Adult Swim Reopens 'Pee-wee's Playhouse'

Adult Swim Reopens 'Pee-wee's Playhouse'

*sighs* I've still not ever seen even one episode of Playhouse. It has an almost mystical significance for me now. Not that we get 'Adult Swim' in the UK. I think we did for a short time a few years ago -but I can't remember on what channel. But then most of the cable/satellite channels here - are fairly crappy, heavily repeat-laden pale shadows of their US counterparts. They're the same in name only.

Oh well, at least our home-grown channels: BBC three and Four, E4 and More 4, are pretty good.


one of the world's vilest men

An election thief, a war criminal, and now a homophobe.

Is there no evil this man is capable of?

And the difference between him and Saddam is supposed to be...?