Badwolf - thinking.

Throughout it’s a been whole concept, a multi-layered motif and not the one single thing which excludes any others.

Who is the Bad Wolf ? Who is. Specifically speaking- the Doctor is the Bad Wolf.
From this it follows Rose is little Red Riding Hood, and at some point she'd better look out for his big sharp teeth.

What is the Bad Wolf? It is Beowulf - it is Anubis - it is Armageddon - applicable to the TARDIS when it was used as a doomsday weapon to end the Time Wars.

Who is afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? The Daleks are. But they’re not above taunting him with it, even to the point of naming a TV channel and a Corporation after the concept.

That the Dalek from the Van Statten museum, now a bit of a power-mad crazed insane Emperor on an upgrade with super-steroids with a ‘I am the Dalek God’ fixation - might well have something to do with that.

That the Controller managed to tap into that pool of knowledge and that collective fear and pull the Doctor, Rose, and Jack into the Game Station in order to battle the Daleks, and might have been responsible for planting a few clues and memes for them along the way. But because she was under supervision by the Daleks she could never be too explict for fear of finding out.

I still don't think Adam will be making a reappearance for the final episode.

But I'll know in just three hours and counting.