This Week - yet another Tory shill gets a platform.

Was watching 'This Week' and being incensed by the vile Julia Hartley-Brewers effectively blaming the under-paid people who have to claim tax credits for er... being poor and having to claim tax credits. According to her it's a simple 'life style choice'. So it's nothing to do with businesses taking the piss by not paying their workers a decent enough wage so they don't have to claim benefits, nothing to do with people not being given the chance to take a full time job because, again businesses are finding it easier and a lot cheaper to take on two or three part timers rather than the one full time employee. Which has also been a crafty ruse of the government in keeping unemployment figures down, if it wasn't for the massive increase in zero hour contracts and part time jobs we'd more than likely have unemployment levels running at something like three or even four million. Julia Hartley-Brewers is your typical 'blame the victim' right-wing shill.
Worse - the token lefty Margret Hodge did nothing to shoot her down, instead she was practically agreeing with her. With people like her in opposition who needs door mats?

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