Plastic Recycling

It's one of the things which I've been quietly freaking out about for years now - is empty plastic bottles. I hate having to just throw them away, and so many things come in plastic bottles these days -milk, drinks, shampoos, bath gels, etc. etc. Yet we're told that oil is starting to run out. Sooner or later there won't be any petroleum left to make any plastics from at all. What will the human race do then? Actually I'm sure we'll survive - we did well enough before plastics (wooden/metal mobile phones anyone?). But there's not enough companies out there recycling plastics. As far as i know what little plastic that does get recycled - is just shipped off to China to be made into linings for fleecey jackets and sold back to us in the West. Shouldn't more be done with it than that?

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wastedpapiers said...

We are quite lucky in Vale Royal ( sounds posh eh?) in Cheshire- we have a recycling week every fortnight where they come and collect paper, tins, glass AND plastic which have seperate containers to squash them all into. Lots of hoo-hah though from some folk who find this hard to do- they say the bins stink now as they are left for two weeks in the scorching hot rain! Our bin doesnt pong so dont see a problem.