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TV scoop Review.

Felicity Lawrence in the Guardian review.

Just the premise of 'The ministry of Food' in the trailer adverts for the show had my mind firing off woeful connections:

Jamie the mockney chef being all swearingly patronising and condescending diving in and blaming the victims for their ignorance and unwillingness to do something about bettering themselves.

The whole notion of the chattering middle-classes who already have a niche career for themselves running around telling the classes under them how they should running their lives. Which has been a big drive behind all of the Blair years. Without ever doing anything concrete that helps makes a lasting difference for the better.

The idea that if only people would learn to cook from fresh ingredients that alone would change a local community... oh, how naive.

Anyone with half a brain knows that it's very expensive to eat properly - ask any university student - (but obviously not a catering University student).

There's an anecdote I remember from a TV chat show I saw years ago (Wogan I think)...

A woman asked a TV chef person (I can't remember who) why health food cost twice as much as supermarket fare - the chef said well, you live twice as long - so it's worth it. But the chat show host (Wogan?) said - 'but that means you're paying four times as much for your food as the rest of us.'

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