firefox 3


Yay! I got a new 'puter for my birthday. Yay!

So there I was with my spanking new computer - and am slowly adding all the programs I need and what not - and here's the really annoying thing... After loading on my preferred browser Firefox 3 - got a few of my favourite extensions loaded on etc. All was happy and going along swimmingly - then I thought I'd load on google's chrome... chrome wanted to add all the bookmarks and stuff from firefox... despite there being hardly anything there I let it. Boom.

Firefox 3 refuses to load - at all.
Tried launching with it's profile manager. Tried running it as an administer...
I've un-installed it - I re-installed it. Rolled back to a previous restore point in Vista. I've un-installed chrome. I've ccleaned everything. Hoping to remove all traces of it all from the registry. Re-installed and always the same - nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Anybody out there any ideas?

It's really aggravating me not being able to use Firefox - I live for it's extension and plug-ins - there's nothing else like it for those things...

[update - now fixed - thanks Leff.]


leff said...

It sounds like maybe Chrome broke your profile.

After you uninstalled, did you delete the app-data directory, ie C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox?

If it is something broken in your profile, then deleting that should make a fresh install start really fresh. Which might help.

Groc said...


I'm writing this in firefox.

I did another uninstall - dug around and found all the folders and crap firefox had left behind (this despite ticking 'yes - delete profiles and everything' box) - holey moley there were stacks of them. Deleted the mothers and boom this time the re-install worked. Thanks Leff!

now I've got to re-add greasemonkey and all my extentions back - sob.