Will Hutton

I've just been reading Will Hutton's 'The State to Come'

Which written back in 1997 (before NuLabour won the election later that year)- shows that the big mess the Global economy is currently in has roots stretching way, way back. (But since Blair and Brown have only ever been Thatcherites in disguise - it's only to be expected.)

So I've been reading the other things he's written in the Guardian.

I've also come across this:

Edward J. Dodson / Review of: Boom Bust, by Fred Harrison.

Just a thought since most economists have been proven to be completely wrong by real life events over the decades - isn't it time we stopped paying them any credence? Shouldn't we now be lumping them together with the tarot card readers and astrologers and rune-readers and only taking anything they say with massive handfuls of salt?

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