Dollhouse episode seven: Echoes

Dollhouse season one, episode seven: Echoes | Anna Pickard | Culture |

Choice quotes:

At this point the programme-makers just threw a whole bunch of syllables into something pharmaceuticalish. The student had ingested "a psychotropic modification of ridiculouslongmadeupnamix".

"hippocampus randomwordus"

"the psychotropic notawordamol."

(except my boyf. -who's a Doctor, recognised some of those words and stuff... so ha! do your research you sad journo.)

..."some big cheese in the Rossum Corporation (whatever that is)"...

Oh come on! Am I the only person in the world who gets that reference? Rossum? As in "Rossum's Universal Robots" - as in R.U.R. - the play by Karel ńĆapek. The play where we got the word 'Robot' from?

Oh well, everyone will know soon enough - I've just read in my googling that's there's a film been made of it - and will be released sometime next year.

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