Just a random thought ...

Aside from the whole dodginess behind this issue:

Attorney-General sacks housekeeper alleged to be illegal immigrant

Downing Street backs attorney general who hired and fired illegal Tongan maid.

(and this all seems to be yet another case were the Government has rushed through another piece of hastily and ill thought-out knee-jerk legislation and as ever - it's come back to haunt them.)

Just exactly when did it become so de rigueur that the middle class in this country have to have a foreign national working for them - as a house keeper or cleaner or whatever. It really does seem to be quite the little fashion item now, and somehow a British cleaner doesn't have the right cachet.

Why would that be do you think? That they might be happier having someone working for them that can't quite grasp 100% - the English language so they can't go around reading their mail perhaps? Or is it that they're good for working just that little bit under the level of minimum wage, and either would never dare (or even know how) to make a complaint?

I don't know - but it all seems a bit creepy to me.

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