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Because I do the drawing and a doodling and the editing of photographs - I've always fancied a tablet computer - because, you know, if you take the time to think about it, graphic tablets have been more a testimony to the human physiology overcoming adversity than they have been practical. But they were always way too expensive and (with the sole exception of a uber-expensive Wacom Cintiq) - so NOT designed for artists. (Way to miss out on a huge potential market segment guys).

So yes I would quite a iPad. But even then - you just know from how it's being sold it's really a passive entertainment device - something to replace books and magazines and newspapers (they're hoping) - and a slightly different way of watching movies and viewing the web. But it won't come into it's own until you can draw/paint/edit photos on it. That will surely come in time, I hope. Although I guess the majority of people are just passive consumers and most of the world is built to cater for them. *sighs*

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