65 - 66 - 70 - never.

Not so long ago I remember masses and masses of fuss being made by the chattering classes about 'the pensions timebomb' Apparently people simply weren't putting enough of their own money into private pension schemes - yadda yadda yadda (and most pension schemes depended on dodgy trading in stocks and shares a lot of which have probably since failed anyway. Plus a lot of people simply couldn't afford to put so much money into these schemes - not if they wanted to eat day to day.) so we were all going to retire into utter poverty - or something. Whizz fast forward to today and it looks like the Con-Dems have the perfect solution... they plan to rise and raise and raise the retirement age until no one (except the very rich, who can retire at 55 or whenever they damn well choose) has a pension any more. They'll just work until they drop dead. Problem solved.

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