100 days

100 facts about the coalition's first 100 days

Social cleansing.

This article goes on about expensive central London rents -while ignoring that this applies everywhere in the country. The completely arbitrary and totally unfair decision to cut housing benefit by 10% after someone has been unemployed for a year - by which point someone's resources (if they have any) will be completely depleted will cause a lot of hardship - if not homelessness - people forget it actually costs a lot money to move, there's removal costs, the deposit for new flats, etc. Where's that money going to come from? Not to mention the social cost if you end up moving away from your network of family and friends. Housing policy in general in this country is a disgrace - for many reasons.

Clegg turning his back on the very people who voted him into power - the Forgemasters loan fiasco.

I'm keeping a countdown to when we get our first riots. Any Tory Govt. isn't happy until things end with riots in the streets.

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