NUS starts campaign to oust leading Lib Dems | Education | The Observer


When a Party makes pledges they damn well should stick to them. Otherwise what's the point? The MPs concerned might as well just write 'barefaced liar' on their foreheads intead.

I happen to belong to the pre-fees generation when the state saw education of it's own population as an investment and generally a good thing in it's own right. As for fees isn't there a basic illogic there - trying to get money out of people who - as yet don't have any... which is why they have student loans... erm...

Of course the idea might be to get people used to being in debt from the very start and to get used to that the rest of their lives. Neat way of keeping people under control that. Odd then that suddenly the Govt. of today is saying that being in deep debt is a bad, bad thing... while deciding that students should be paying out a lot more to get them deeper in debt...


NUS starts campaign to oust leading Lib Dems

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