you're not giving enough of your money to pension fund managers

Apparently -
Half of UK not saving enough for retirement, says study
Only 51% of British workers are saving adequately for old age, according to the latest annual Scottish Widows pension report.

Oh no... really? A report from a pension fund says that? Wow. I'm not an economist - nor do I play one on TV - but maybe, just maybe this other news link might help explain why this might be so...
Wages at standstill over last 30 years
Many low and median earners have seen no real improvements in their incomes over the last 30 years despite economic growth, a TUC report shows.
Now maybe if wages hadn't been at a standstill - and maybe if interest rates weren't at all time historic low (which only benefits bankers) and if we weren't still in the middle of a recession...

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