Here comes the class war...

Cameron announces police can use rubber bullets and water cannons.

Here we go... the beginnings of an all out class war in all it's naked glory. Yes, it is a broken society Mr Cameron - your predecessors Thatcher - Major - Blair and Brown all had their hand in that. All acting like irresponsible parents - "Oh, let Johnny Banker have his way. He's said he can make 'loadsa money' if only we let him off the leash. Oh and mr Johnny Corporation can make 'loadsa money' if we let him move all their jobs abroad. And Jimmy big business said they can make a bit more money if they bring in cheaper labour from abroad. They've all said they'd make even more if we let them off paying any taxes, and making money is always good right?"

Later: "On noes! Johnny Banker what have you done? You gambled away all your money? Oh, we can't have you fail... here's some taxpayers money to get you back on your feet."

That's without mentioning all the money wasted in fighting wars in the Middle East and on terrorists etc.

Yup. Society is now well and truly broken and how is Cameron going to repair it? Stick it back together with rubber bullets and water cannon - and fast track a generation of youth into prison. That'll work.

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