it's better to be a shelf stacker than a 'job snob' sez IDS

In a breath-taking display of snobbishness himself - IDS has a little rant about his workfare scheme...

According to him:

Apparently ALL young British people are sitting around dreaming of being reality tv show stars...

A shelf-stacker is of greater value to society than someone of the 'commentating elite'... (whoever they are? Do professional journalists count? The next time he's on TV or Radio will he be saying to the interviewer 'a shelf stacker is of greater value than you?) - and it's apparently insulting to professional shelf-stackers who do a worthwhile job -except that -er, an unemployed yoof with no qualifications can do it for far less than minimum wage. Sooo is it a worth-while job or not? If so then why isn't the yoof being paid the going rate for it in the first place. And does it really take EIGHT WEEKS to train someone to stack shelves?

I think we need a whole lot less schemes and a lot more jobs being created actually.

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