Daily Mail is at it again

Quarter of those claiming sickness benefits have a criminal record in 'truly alarming discovery'

I left this comment (they tend to disappear from to time to time I've noticed)

This is what is known in propaganda school as a 'smear campaign' - it's very revealing how the DWP manages to release these little snippets of information at very crucial times. Maybe it's because the Government was getting a little scared that the strikes over the closure of the Remploy factories was garnering a little bit too much sympathy from the general public. (since it undoes all that previous propaganda tainting the disabled as workshy when they're oh er... fighting to stay in work) - or it's because they're about to announce yet another round of cuts on disability benefits... but obviously something now suits the government for the public to think of the disabled as criminals. Shame on the Daily Mail for spreading this disinformation.  For a change how's about trying doing some proper research and actual journalism rather than rewriting press-releases from the DWP?

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