advertising ruins everything

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This doesn't surprise me...

It's interesting though that the TV networks know just enough that they have to make shows that bring in an intelligent audience - because if TV was all just cheap and flashy game and reality schlock - then only *cough* subnormals would be at the screen - [and it so happens that usually they're not the ones who have the most disposable income]. But what the networks can't fathom is when to put their product out on the air. So they consistently make massively stupid choices after which they quickly start whinging about not getting the sort of viewing figures they've pre-decided they want in order to make it viable for them to go on making the programmes they're making. Yet, ironically, the very same - richer type of people they are so desperate to lure the eyeballs of - are the very ones that can afford PVRs, DVRs, TiVo, and the broadband internets to watch things on line etc. [without the adverts] D'oh. So, talk about self-defeating. Not that it's occured to anyone within he entertainment industry that their 50s/60s/70s era business model of advertiser-funded TV is severely broken. Oh no, nope - they're still wedded to it - come what may. Erm, what's that cliché about it's only someone who is insane that will keep repeating the same exact same actions over and over but nonetheless will endlessly expect a different result?

So, it's inherently baffling - the only people who care about adverts are the advertisers and their industry and the advert pushers. The rest of us normal (sane) folk just want good stories to watch and all that commercial stuff is stupid shit that gets in the way of that. Which, if you think about it for even a moment - is a totally ridiculous state of affairs to have got into. Especially since everyone involved ends up losing every time. D'oh.

Effin' Edward Bernays has so much to answer for.

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