The Planet of the Dead boring

The Doctor Who not so special.

Oh dear. Well that wasn't very good was it? And all that time and money and energy - and doing stupid things like shipping a whole red London bus off to Dubai (which alarmingly got trashed in transit - ooops!) to such poor effect. Furthermore can't say I'm a Michelle Ryan fan (wasn't that new Bionic Woman thing awful?) and I'm most definitely not a Lee Evans fan - what the hell was he doing in there? He was just irritating and annoying. There's nothing that can bring a combination of shivers up my spine and a sense of nausea than those two words: 'comedy relief'. Urgh-urgh-urgh. It was nice to see the return of UNIT Captain Erisa Magambo from 'Turn Left' - but then they completely ruined her character by having her behaving like a complete psychopath. Oh, and the naff bit shoe-horned in towards the end with the woman making predictions for the Doctor 'Your song is going to be over soon. Oooh, it's coming out of the darkness - coming to get youuuuu. He'll knock four times.' Etc. (Will that be a knock-knock-knock-knock - or four knock-knock-knock-knocks as in the beat that was in 'the sound of drums'. I'll guess the later - because we all kind of know the Master will be making a comeback to kill off the 10th Doctor at Christmas time. God knows they can't use the Daleks again) - but please, no more with the naff predictions - give it a rest. Or just be a lot more subtle about it. Especially since most of the time they're pointless and/or misleading (Rose isn't dead, and neither is Donna) (but I guess they're for our benefit - which breaks the fourth wall too much if you ask me).

[Just off the top of my head a quick list of predicting folk: The Face of Boe, Gwen the maid, The Sybilline Sisterhood and Lucius in Pompeii, The Ood, that maid (or whatever she was) in the Shadow Proclamation, mad, bad broken Dalek Caan....]

What else? Oh yes, TOO MUCH MUSIC. Oh my poor ears - all that Harry Potter style music - (which proves Doctor Who has leaned a bit too far over away from Science Fiction and into fantasy magic land - it's bad enough that sonic screwdriver = magic wand and Tardis = Narnia wardrobe... will the new Doctor have a zigzag scar on his forehead with his glasses perhaps?) all far too pompous and OTT. I'll quickly slip in here how annoying I found the Welsh voice choir bits in the finale of the last series Journey's End. Yes - we all know Doctor Who is made in Wales thank you - we don't need our noses rubbing in it every five minutes. Jeez. It doesn't help that I still associate Welsh male voice choirs with coal miners - so there I was subconsciously wondering 'what's coal mining got to do with dragging planet Earth back to it's proper place in space and time?'

So... to summarise we had a iconic red London bus - which ends up flying about all over the place, a bit of posh totty in Tom Cruise Mission Impossible drag, fly headed aliens from 'the Fly' Manta ray aliens from Stephen King's 'the Longoliers' an irritating stand up comedian, and a flimsy plot.

It's aggravating that I could have gone away for the weekend but decided to stay at home instead. Hurrrrumph. The last three episodes have a lot to make up for.

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