Bumper sales as shoppers beat VAT hike

oh what -again?

Year after year after year after year - in the run up to Christmas we have the news banging on about how shoppers aren't flooding the shops as much as the retailers would like. That's it's a disaster for the economy and all the shops are going to go out of business -the poor lambs. Then all of a sudden - when the sales are on - it's all records-broken as the shoppers flood the shops and it's whooooo! whooooo! whooooo! The extra tags this year being the on-going recession (although we had that last year too) and that VAT (which is evil btw) going back up to what it was before Gordon cut a couple of per cent off as part of his plans to stop the economy totally tanking...

But my point is - when it happens every year with predictable monotony - then it really isn't news is it? It'll be news when the Retailers reign in their greed a bit and NOT hike their prices up in the run up to Xmas and then bleat and moan when punters see right through it and wait for the sales.

-and yes the VAT hike will stall the recovery - duh. Oh, and if the record raise in sales has only come through people putting it on their credit cards - then that's not going to help the recovery either.

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