Peter Mandelson declares war on Rupert Murdoch's media empire

Eeeer. Hello. *Now* someone from Labour is taking on Murdoch? Er... hello. This is a party running out of friends in the media. This is the party that attacked the BBC for reporting that the WMD case for invading Iraq was 'sexed up' and had no basis in reality - the director of the BBC was forced into a resignation over that - and the news part of the BBC has had to walk on egg shells ever since - despite the stark glaring fact that their original reports have subsequently proven to be completely right and that Bush and Blair were telling massive porkies... this hasn't ever been properly acknowledged. In recent months a son of a certain Mr Murdock has been laying into the BBC - for *gasp* providing 'free news' (except it's NOT free - we pay for it out of our license fees, thank you very much) news reports that still manage to convey more in the way of factual accuracy than whatever comes out of the fox news channel. Mmmm and now if the Tory party gets into power next year - they've promised to deregulate news media even more in an effort to appease Murdock in return for his propaganda - sorry, support during the upcoming election campaign. That would NOT be a good thing.

Peter Mandelson declares war on Rupert Murdoch's media empire | Media | The Guardian

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