Gordon's Great Gaffe

Regarding 'Bigotgate'. Oh Gordon - you prize idiot. You practically handed this one to the Murdoch empire on a plate. Now it's all over the Tory press as banner headlines, it's on a breaking news repeat loop on Sky News. That's successfully broken the whole balanced political reporting thing.

As if you didn't know how mischievous the Murdoch news machine is, after all the Labour party sold a big part of soul when Blair was cosying up to Murdoch back in the late Nineties when the Conservative Party had done all it could to make itself totally unelectable. The price was to allow the Murdoch empire to plod on regardless, unchecked. You knew the gloves where already off months ago when the right wing press had already decided it was backing Cameron. We've already seen their risible attempts to sully Clegg. And just whose idea was it to run this election like a Presidential race? We don't have a President. We just get to vote for our own MP in our wards. It's also had the effect of reducing the debate down to personalities, and Gordon, hasn't anyone told you? (mind you, if they had done you'd probably just have shouted at them) your personality just doesn't come across very well. I've lost count of the times where I've read/heard someone say how different and actually likeable you are in person - but how that doesn't show on TV.

Oh dear , and there was I thinking 'oooh, it looks like this year, this election - for once, people aren't going to be fooled into voting who Murdoch wants to be in power.' But now look what you've done. If bloody Cameron wins this election - I won't be surprised if the Sun headline won't be 'It was the Sky mic wot won it!'

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