Incapacity benefit claimants reassessed

I do wish they'd stop trying to spin this as being anything other than a cynical exercise to save the government some money. It's only going to make a lot of people's lives more miserable than they are already. Condemning many to extreme poverty - followed by retarded part Government/part private funded scheme after scheme after scheme to 'help get them back into work' (that if the Government isn't going to start doing something about - is never going to happen). We've seen it all before. We're about to see it again.

Meanwhile the likes of the Daily Mail will be churning out article after article with scaremongering stories how all benefit claimants are living lives of luxury watching Jeremy Kyle on their 50" plasma TV sets while laughing at those mugs who go to work everyday.

We really are a country that's getting nastier and more mean spirited by the day.

BBC News - Incapacity benefit claimants reassessed

Here is the Daily Mail take on the same news - and the 500+ comments are just - for the main part depressing. Look at the type of people who support the Tories - I mean just look at them. So much spitefulness, hate, ignorance, inhumanity.

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