a pot pourri of stealth cuts?

Faisal Islam on Economics - Spending review: a pot pourri of stealth cuts?:
"Even if George Osborne is doing unambiguously the right thing, he has not got the mandate to act in a variety of areas where his axe has fallen. I spent most of the election campaign following the minutiae of his policy announcements, and not one jot about housing benefit or train fares, for example, which have seen huge moves.

The mandate for cuts like this can not be assumed from the election result. It needs to be won. And more clarity, transparency, and honesty than we got yesterday, would help."



Which is just more proof the cuts are all a smokescreen for the Tories pushing through an idealogical agenda they had in mind from the get-go, but took pains to hide from the public during the election campaign knowing it would not get them elected. Hell, what they did push as promises didn't get them elected either.

So where are the Lib Dems in all of this? (Wish we had some footage of Clegg's face as the cuts were being announced - was he hooting and braying at the announcement of the loss of thousands of public sector jobs as the rest of the Tories back-bencher's were?) Are they really going to nod through all of this and make themselves unelectable for another near century or more? Because the time to stand up is now. Not further down the road when the riots start once the effects of these measures really start to bite.

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