In which I have a little ponder on this new season of Doctor Who.

*Chin-stroking mode -on*

Well – now. Unless you've been living out of the country these past few months – you'll have heard the major spoiler that the big bad for the end of this season is likely to be that this Saxon MP bloke who we haven't seen yet is going to turn out to be 'The Master'. Which I dunno, sounds all a bit disappointing to me. Maybe that's simply because it messes with my own personal theory that if they were to have brought the Master back – they missed a trick by not casting Anthony Head as him. Anyway -it just doesn't seem clever enough to me somehow.

But the last two episodes and the upcoming one have got me thinking. According to Tennant talking in one of the 'Confidential' programs rather obliquely about the last words of the face of Boe... 'you are not alone' and saying he's that only sort of right. I'm putting that together with the last episode – where the Daleks had themselves their nifty genetics laboratory and isn't that rooftop gizmo still up there on the Empire State building's mast -oh, and didn't a bit of timelord DNA get transferred into the human Dalek hybrids there? Maybe all the hybrids didn't die maybe one survived, or at the very least their bodies would still be around in order that someone somewhere could extract some hybrid DNA to carry on experimenting with it (side note: how did they ever explain to the authorities about there being so many dead bodies of people and pig-human hybrids laying around the place? Who paid for the building to be completed once the last Dalek went? Who hired the workers after Mr Diagoras was disappeared?). The next episode 'the Lazarus Experiment' now, going from the trailers that looks all the world to me like a machine that does artificially what comes naturally to a timelord: Regeneration. So are we heading for a person who somehow is a recreation of a timelord but with a rather unfortunate hint of a Dalek-ism, which would certainly make them a bit of an adversary for our good doctor?


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