digital photography from the 70s

I thought this was interesting - it's screen grab from an episode of 'The Tomorrow People' and this is the character Steve - and he's playing with a compact cassette - which to explain to you youngsters is something we had before mpg players. Which wouldn't be that interesting - except his cassette isn't an plain old ordinary audio cassette - it's a set of photographs... it isn't explained at all in the episode at all but rather than clutching a old fashioned photographic print he's got there what could only be a digital photograph stored on magnetic tape... because floppy discs hadn't even been invented yet... but compact cassettes had. I'm not sure, but this might have even been before they had home computers where software was loaded on from cassette players. How far ahead of it's time was this program?

I still wish I could talk to my computer (mmm, come to think of it - hasn't Vista got that built in? I haven't bothered to try it - because I know I'd only be setting myself up for a massive disappointment.)

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