this is supposed to be surprising news?

Jobs shortage 'will see 80,000 new graduates unemployed'

Yeah - there's thing called 'supply and demand' right - what it means is when a commodity is rare - they can command a high price, but when something is a lot more commonplace - they only command a lower price. So when the aim is get 50% of young people onto university courses (whether they're suited to that or not) mmmm - someone somewhere hasn't been thinking things through properly.

That's without going into the fact that the sheer numbers of young people going into universities now makes them more like conveyor-belt driven education factories.

Oh and apparently there's still a dire shortage of electricians and plumbers in the UK - but no one cares about those sort of things do they?

This is what you get when you have no-one but middle-class people* running the country - they're only able to see what they want for themselves and their children and just can't see the wider picture.

*this applies to ALL of the parties.

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