Amsterdam airports to bring in full body scan machines

Read the article - then ponder...

Apparently normal procedures were followed or so they're telling us - you know despite that this Abdulmuttalab chap did a fair number of things that should have got alarm bells ringing and marked him for extra scrutiny at security gates, buying one way tickets with cash, yada yada yada, - I know I've been patted down at security for merely wearing blue jeans and a denim jacket rather than a suit. So general intelligence and even the man's father ringing the authorities because he was so worried his son had fallen into the hands of extremists - didn't get him marked out for checks. So big fail on normal security there.

So... they think it's time to bring out the hi-tech solution. An electronic way to check out your boobies and your dingle-dangler. Lovely. That will protect us all from evil terrorists. Sure it will.

And in the same artcle - it says 1. There's no evidence Abdulmuttalab had been to Amsterdam before the flight to Detroit. Huh? Wha...? I mean talk about gates, bolts, horses after...

2. There's no guarantee these machines would've worked 100% to detect him anyway...

But that aside... my gripe is - oh, so here comes a promise of humiliating electronic body scans. Wow, what larks for the already power-crazed airport security staff (seriously where do they get these people from. They're really weird individuals - and they're the same the world over. How's that work?)

Next I wonder how long it'll be before we get our first leaked picture of the scan of some celebrity, after that when we'll get the first court case against the machine makers from a frequent flier who's developed cancer from repeated exposure from the scanners - or one of the staff who'll be working with the things day in - day out for years - followed by the first malfunctioning machine that will microwave someone to death.

Doesn't anyone realise that every time they bring in ever more intrusive security measures (that plainly aren't really working) as a response to an incident - it's actually the terrorists who won a little bit more.

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