Govt. to everybody: "Right to privacy? We'll have none of that."

Airline passengers have 'no right' to refuse naked body scanners,
Ministers ignore human rights advice and rule out option of pat-down search when scanner goes on trial at Heathrow next week.

So let me get this right....

Despite there being a whole raft of heightened security measures put in place ever since Sept 11th 2001 - the various Airport security and Intelligence agencies STILL make a massive fail and let some nutjob on a flight with explosive underpants. Proving how useless they are. So despite this - they think extra extra extra security and a magic box will solve everything...

Instead of - oh I don't know, having a internal inquiry into how security and Intelligence Agencies failed so miserably in erm - doing their jobs. Because - if they don't sort themselves out - it's just going to happen again.

[Update: and from German tv here's your actual proof there's a good chance it will happen again because those body scanners can't pick up on all-plastic bottles and liquid chemicals. Uh-oh. Extra inconvenience, extra waiting times, extra expensive equipment , extra expense all round and still with the Fail. Someone somewhere needs to get a clue.]

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