equality? - we don't want no steeeenking equality here

Labour's poor have made no progress at all.

Unequal Britain: richest 10% are now 100 times better off than the poorest.

Tories are still the party of privilege

So there's a new report on equality out.

Wow - you mean for the past 40 years the rich have got a LOT richer, an awful lot richer, whereas the middle classes have got only a tiny little bit richer and the poor - they haven't moved at all.

Bears shit in the woods you know, amazing isn't it.

Why possibly could this be? I dunno - maybe it's something to do with NuLabour just carrying on in all the things Thatcher and co. started in the 80s?
Even though NuLabour likes to claim credit for bringing in the minimum wage (and it is good that they started somewhere) - it's always been absurdly low - it's not by any means an living wage. Furthermore by allowing employers to pay out such low wages and subsidizing employees' rubbish wages with things like child allowances and tax credits - it only keeps dodgy businesses - the ones that by rights should fail - going, only perpetuating the situation. That's a high price to pay just keep people off the unemployment statistics. One of the biggest hidden scandals of the past few decades is the situation of the working poor.

And now leaping in with the campaigning rhetoric - who's this? The Tory party? Claiming they can solve all the country's problems - the very people who got this whole inequality ball going? What about their insane notions of the 80s that if they took the brakes and regulation off the economy that by allowing the rich to get get richer - everyone would benefit by trickle-down. IE if they let the bloated bastards feast as much as they could - then a few crumbs would drop off the table for us to fight over. How long will it be before they the Tories return to that stupid idea. [Although both parties are pretty good at coming up with really very, very stupid ideas.]

BOTH these parties are totally discredited since they've both failed so miserably (well, except for catering for the super rich)... and will anything change for the better come the next election? No. I wouldn't bet on it. Not when most people persist on dividing themselves into voting for one or the other of them. The masses still won't give the Lib-Dems a chance - 'because they've had no experience of being in power' - er, haven't the Tories been out of power for the past 14 years (or whatever it is). So that's a totally lame excuse. Yet the Lib-Dems are the ones who flashed up warning signs about the recession long before it happened. They're the ones who never supported the Iraq invasion, and so on.

Oh god *bangs head on table* the great British public are so effing goddamn stupid. We're doomed.

*Bangs head some more*

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