How did Pantsman conquer the world?

This is an article which is a longer, more involved take on what I believe: whenever they step up with extra security, it only makes air travellers lives that much more miserable and irritating, and people's day to day lives more difficult and when Governments start sabre rattling at other countries - it's then that the terrorists have done their job and done it well. Terrorists are never about trying to kill as many people as possible -they're about generating publicity for themselves and causing fear and disruption - that's why they're called terrorists. Terror. Fear. D'uh - the clue is in the word. and the powers that be - they fall for it every. single. time. Well. the poor dears - they have to be seen to be doing something. even if what they do is incredibly stupid, and only tips us ever closer to a totalitarian state.


How did Pantsman conquer the world? | spiked

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